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Applications – Planermill

Planer Outfeed

SiCam uses both SPX and MPX technology to measure the outfeed of the planer. The primary focus for this zone is immediate Size Control. The typical configuration will be a planer that does not have a
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Planer Trimmer Length

SiCam provides a online scanning system to measure the lengths of pieces exiting the trimmer. The primary focus for this zone is measuring length. The typical machine configurations are random lengths
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Planer Fence

SiCam Fence Verification is a critical tool for diagnosing fence issues and detecting problems immediately.  The system helps identify the source of many length issues and provide valuable maintenance
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Planer Infeed

SiCam provides a size control system that can be mounted to the infeed of a planer. The primary focus for this zone is Size Control but can be used to help analyze drying performance from the kilns. T
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