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Board Edger

SiCam provides a MPX scanning system and ensure the performance of the board edger. The primary focus for this zone is Size Control and Wane Analysis. The typical machine configurations have 3 or more saws with optional chipping heads. The wane analysis will provide a detailed look at how pieces are positioned on the infeed to the edger.



  • Size Control – Measure Board Width and/or Board Thickness
  • Wane Analysis – Verify the position of wane to ensure it matches the optimizer solution
  • Shape Information – Diagnose shape defects like wedge, bevel and all linear shapes



  • Monitor thicknesses & /or widths of each piece
  • Scan wane/face and compare theoretical versus actual
  • Manage on size performance
  • Reduce or cut to target size
  • Minimize manufacturing variations
  • Optimize cutting tool change cycles
  • Predict repair and maintenance cycle trends
  • Tune optimization & controls



SiCam MPX-1 – Thickness, Width, Face Analysis

SiCam MPX-2 – Thickness, Width, Wane Analysis

SiCam SPX – Thickness, Width

LSIZE -Wireless Caliper Size Control