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Closed Loop Size Control

SiCam’s Closed Loop System provides predictive intelligence to keep your machine running on-size. Our RealTime technology:

  • Trends information over time
  • Alarms when products are out of tolerance
  • Stores and reports data
  • Intelligently Adjusts equipment to maintain size and quality


SiCam can compare actual cut piece with the optimizer to provide detailed machine performance information. Closed Loop Size Control is proven technology currently making automated adjustments on over 50 different machines.


Measure and Trend Size Performance

Measure and Trend Face/Wane Performance

Determine Correct Equipment to Adjust

Minor Adjustments to Maintain Performance

Move Cutting Tools to Maintain Size/Quality

Track Adjustments Over Time

Immediate Results

Once SiCam enables the closed loop system the machine carefully adjusts and maintains size performance.  Adjustments are tracked over time with alarms notifying the mill when human intervention is required.


Web Interface

All SiCam Systems utilize a Web Interface that is customized for the specific mill.  All of the QC data can be viewed from anyone with a web browser and access to the network.





  • Canter Twin, Chip n Saw, Sharp Chain
  • Canter Quad, Chip n Saw, Sharp Chain
  • Board Edger
  • Horizontal Gang



  • Measure and trend size performance by sawline/cutting tool
  • Measure and trend face/wane performance
  • Compare actual
  • Determine correct cutting tool to adjust
  • Small/minor well controlled adjustments sent through the PLC
  • Track adjustments over time with reporting
  • Eliminate the need for repetitive, constant manual changes
  • Predict repair and maintenance cycle trends
  • Tune optimization & controls



SiCam MPX-1 – Thickness, Width, Face Analysis