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SiCam MPX-1

Built with versatility in mind, the MPX-1 scanners were developed by SiCam to provide high resolution scanning on machine centers with challenging mechanical configurations. Whether you need to measure the critical dimensions or opening face information of your cants or the thickness of your sideboards, the MPX-1 scanners can be configured for the outfeed of your machine. The bracket that holds these laser line scanners offers a level of flexibility so we can adjust the scanner to see your piece properly; while at the same time being durable enough to stand the harsh conditions these units are placed into.

Contact SiCam and let us show you how the MPX-1 scanners can add value to your size control program and allow you to make time critical decisions telling you when your products are trending towards or off target size.



  • Sawline tracking immediately after the machine
  • Simultaneous measurement of all pieces
  • Multiple scanners provide the best scan coverage
  • High speed, high accuracy, high reliability
  • Both horizontal and vertical applications
  • Seperate and analyze wane



Headrig – Cant Width, Board Thickness, Face Analysis

Twin Saws – Cant Width, Sideboard Thickness, Face Analysis

Quad Saws – Cant Width, Sideboard Thickness, Face Analysis

Planer Infeed – Board Thickness and Width