Trusted lumber size control | Complete mill solution


SiCam provides a variety of tools to monitor the headrig and ensure the performance of the machine. The primary focus for this zone is Size Control, Face Analysis and Saw Monitoring.



  • Size Control – Measure Cant Width or Board Thickness
  • Face Analysis – Verify face from opening chipped surface (Slabber)
  • Saw Deviation – Monitor Saw Performance and report immediately to operator and filers
  • Shape Information – Diagnose issues with knee/bunk positions



  • Monitor thicknesses & /or widths of each piece
  • Scan for opening face and compare theoretical versus actual on first pass
  • Monitor thicknesses of sideboards
  • Manage on size performance
  • Reduce or cut to target size
  • Minimize manufacturing variations
  • Optimize cutting tool change cycles
  • Predict repair and maintenance cycle trends
  • Tune optimization & controls



SiCam MPX-1 – Thickness, Width, Face Analysis

SiCam SPX – Thickness, Width

Saw Track – Saw Deviation Monitor

LSIZE -Wireless Caliper Size Control