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Quad Saws / Canter

SiCam provides a variety of tools to monitor the Quad Saws/Canter and ensure the performance of the machine. The primary focus for this zone is Size Control, Face Analysis and Saw Monitoring. The typical machine configurations include saws and chipping heads. These solutions will work for both a Bandsaw or Circular saw configuration.



  • Size Control – Measure Cant Width or Board Thickness
  • Face Analysis – Verify face from opening chipped surface (Canter)
  • Saw Deviation – Monitor Saw Performance and report immediately to operator and filers (Bandsaws)
  • Step/Mismatch Information – Diagnose Mismatch on Circular Saw machines
  • Shape Information – Diagnose shape defects like wedge, bevel and all linear shapes



  • Monitor thicknesses & /or widths of each piece
  • Scan for opening face and compare theoretical versus actual on first pass
  • Manage on size performance
  • Reduce or cut to target size
  • Minimize manufacturing variations
  • Optimize cutting tool change cycles
  • Predict repair and maintenance cycle trends
  • Tune optimization & controls



SiCam MPX-1 – Thickness, Width, Face Analysis

SiCam SPX – Thickness, Width

Saw Track – Saw Deviation Monitor

LSIZE -Wireless Caliper Size Control