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SiCam Software

SiCam Software is a highly configurable package that has been built from the ground up in the wood products industry. From the raw processing of scanner data to graphical interfaces SiCam brings a mature software package for all of its quality control applications.

For reliable installation, extended life cycles and to maximize the financial impact of our products over the long term for our customers, we use only premium computer systems. We use the best components available in the manufacture of the computer systems and we demand that our suppliers use only top grade materials and components as well. The computer systems that we deliver are expandable and upgradeable for each specific project including rack mounted and desktop configurations



  • Custom HMI, industrial displays, web interfaces and remote screens
  • Flexible Software architecture includes SQL database, high speed processing, client user interface, WEB enabled components
  • Customized HMIs, machine specific and mill-wide
  • Powerful, flexible, parameter driven set-up and configuration
  • Integration to all types of PLC equipment