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Vertical Arbor Gang

SiCam provides a Full Profile MPX scanning system and ensure the performance of the Small Log Line. The primary focus for this zone is Size Control and Wane Analysis. The typical machine configurations have 3 or more saws with optional chipping heads. The wane analysis will provide a detailed look at how pieces are positioned on the infeed to the edger.



  • Size Control – Measure Board Width and/or Board Thickness
  • Wane Analysis – Verify the position of wane to ensure it matches the optimizer solution
  • Shape Information – Diagnose shape defects like wedge, bevel and all linear shapes



  • Monitor thicknesses & /or widths of each piece
  • Scan wane/face and compare theoretical versus actual
  • Manage on size performance
  • Reduce or cut to target size
  • Minimize manufacturing variations
  • Optimize cutting tool change cycles
  • Predict repair and maintenance cycle trends
  • Tune optimization & controls



SiCam MPX-1 – Thickness, Width, Face Analysis

SiCam MPX-2 – Thickness, Width, Wane Analysis

LSIZE -Wireless Caliper Size Control