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SiCam Products

SiCam Software

SiCam Software is a highly configurable package that has been built from the ground up in the wood products industry. From the raw processing of scanner data to graphical interfaces SiCam brings a mat
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SiCam MPX-2

This scanner was developed by SiCam to measure board stacks on the outfeed of either a vertical or horizontal gang. By using one or several of these scanners SiCam Systems is able to simultaneously sc
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Bandsaw deflection monitoring has been used in the lumber industry for many years. SiCam Systems brought its Premium Product approach to bear on our bandsaw monitoring technology. It started with the
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LSIZE Wireless represents the 5th generation of LSIZE caliper-based lumber size control for the mill. LSIZE Wireless is the only wireless measurement collection system designed specifically for forest
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The SPX scanners are SiCam’s newest generation single point sensor. These scanners run 10 x faster than our previous generation product and provide more accurate readings. The combination of inc
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