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SiCam Systems acquires LSIZE from MicroRidge

Vancouver, BC, September 1, 2016 – SiCam Systems Corporation (“SiCam”), the leading provider of mill wide quality control solutions, announced today that it has signed an asset purchase agreement with MicroRidge Systems Inc. (“MicroRidge”), a leading provider of measurement collection equipment solutions.

SiCam has purchased the rights to the LSIZE brand name as well as the entirety of MicroRidge’s interests in the LSIZE product. LSIZE is the industry standard for caliper based quality control and provides customers with the ability to measure and analyze machine performance.

“The addition of the LSIZE Brand and intellectual property to SiCam expands our capability to further our goal or providing quality control and verification systems to every area of a facility.” said Nick Barrett, President, SiCam Systems. “We plan to build off of the work MicroRidge has done and enhance LSIZE with new innovative technology and fully integrate it with our SiCam RealTime product line.”

About SiCam Systems Corporation:

SiCam Systems is a privately owned business with 26 years of experience providing complete mill wide quality control solutions. SiCam Systems has been providing the wood products industry with innovative technology to solve challenging quality control applications. We are the only company in the wood products industry that is dedicated to providing purpose built quality control systems. Learn more at .