SiCam SawTrack

SiCam SawTrack measures bandsaw saw deviation with speed and accuracy.

SiCam brought its premium product approach to create our bandsaw deflection monitoring technology we call SawTrack. It started with the sourcing the best sensing technology for this application and building a robust software interface to help uses better operate this system. We know that this is a harsh environment to operate a sensor and that's why we designed a robust mounting enclosure that is easy to maintain or replace when needed.


SiCam SawTrack

  • SawTrack's probe can be mounted further off the saw than other system provider
  • High speed, high accuracy probe tracks the movement of your saws
  • Rugged steel mounting bracket helps protect the probe
  • Flexible probe design allows for the replacement of specific parts
  • SawTrack's software displays trending of data, offers alarming, detailed reporting and storage of historical data


The following SiCam Applications will utilize this product: