SiCam's SPX scanners use single point laser technology to scan the fastest of applications or measure over ranges that profile scanners cannot.

Built with versatility in mind, the SPX scanners were developed by SiCam to provide high speed and resolution scanning on machine centers where profile scanning will not work. . The combination of increased speed and accuracy allows SiCam to get more information the piece we are scanning, which in turn allows us to provide you with a better quality control information. SiCam SPX scanners can be used in a wide variety of size control applications such as fence, length and planer verification.



  • Industry leading scan rates to handle the most demanding feed speeds
  • High resolution scanning to detect the most subtle changes in surface variation
  • Scalable architecture allows for multiple scanners to be connected together easily
  • Ethernet communication for simple network setup
  • Flexibility mounting bracket that also protects the scanner


The following SiCam Applications will utilize this product: