Open Face

SiCam Opening Face Verification

SiCam uses our MPX laser line profiling scanners to accurately and reliably measure your chipped faces. SiCam's software compares the data from we capture to your optimizer and show you what size and shape issues are affecting the quality of cant you are producing. SiCam's Closed Loop size control takes quality control to the next level and ensuring your canter line stays on target and size without the need of manual offsets needing to be applied to the system.


  • Closed Loop Size Control - keep your line on size without the need of constant monitoring by your QC staff
  • High speed, high resolution scanning between chipping heads and saws
  • Complete measurement of the chip cant size and shape
  • Analyze opening face and compare back to what the optimizer predicted it would make
  • SiCam's RealTime software displays what is happening, alarms on variation and offers in depth reporting  


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