SiCam Closed Loop

SiCam’s Closed Loop Size Control is the future of Quality Control. With over 100+ machines running this system no one else knows more about closing the loop on QC than SiCam and no one does it better.

SiCam’s Closed Loop Size Control analyzes trending data and utilizes predictive intelligence to apply controlled adjustments keep your machine running on size and target. This system intelligently and automatically adjusts your machine using industry leading software and 30+ years of quality control expertise to allow your QC staff to focus on other tasks instead of having to constantly monitor a machine and apply manual adjustments. Adjustments are tracked over time with alarms notifying the mill when human intervention is required.


SiCam Closed Loop

  • Adjustments are made only by trending information over time
  • The system alarms when out of tolerance or too many adjustments are made
  • Full reporting on Closed Loop adjustments and historical data is for analysis
  • Predict repair and maintenance cycle trends
  • Tune optimization & controls


The following SiCam Applications will utilize this product: