SiCam MPX-1

The MPX-1 scanner provides a high level of flexibility for mounting lasers on a wide variety of machines.

Built with versatility in mind, the MPX-1 scanner was developed by SiCam to provide high resolution scanning on machine centers with challenging mechanical configurations. Whether you need to measure your canter, edger, gang, trimmer or planer the MPX-1 scanner can be configured for the outfeed of your machine. The bracket that holds the laser line profiler offers a high degree of flexibility so we can adjust the scanner to see your piece properly; while at the same time being durable enough to stand the harsh conditions these units are placed into.


SiCam MPX-1

  • Designed to fit a variety of laser line profiling scanner models
  • Compact and flexible mounting bracket allows SiCam scan in challenging mechanical locations
  • Flexible design allows single or multiple scanner system configurations
  • Built for harsh application areas to protect the scanners
  • Easily mounts to new or existing framework


The following SiCam Applications will utilize this product: