Planer Outfeed - MPX

SiCam Planer Outfeed Verification

SiCam uses our MPX or SPX scanners to accurately and reliably measure your boards on the outfeed of your planer. Using SiCam's MPX Scanners on the outfeed of a planer provides both size and shape information to help detect issues such as skip or snipe but also help allow for a faster planer setup. SiCam's planer outfeed system can also measure split board solutions in real time.


  • The ability to close loop your planer when combined with a SiCam planer infeed system
  • High speed, high resolution scanning can monitor todays fastest profiling lines
  • Manage on size performance and cut closer too or reduce target size
  • Minimize manufacturing variations and help tune optimization & controls
  • Predict repair and maintenance cycle trends


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