SiCam LSIZE is the industry standard for caliper based lumber measurement.

SiCam LSIZE Wireless is a caliper-based wireless measurement collection and analysis tool designed for use in the forest products manufacturing facilities such as sawmills, planers, veneer and panel plants mills. Take measurements from multiple machine centers with your gage and the Data Collection Device (DCD) wirelessly sends all of this information back to the Handheld for analysis. SiCam LSIZE Mobile software which operates on the Handheld allows you view displays of shape charts, histograms and control charts as you collect your measurements. SiCam LSIZE Software which runs on a computer takes measurement analysis to the next level through its graphical interface and reporting engine.



  • Built on a whole new generation of technology to offer more flexibility as the needs of this product change over time
  • The only portable QC solution for the wood products industry to get your QC program started
  • Accurately take measurements using calipers or micrometers
  • Analyze data as you collect it throughout your mill
  • Generate reporting to understand how your mill is performing over time


The following SiCam Applications will utilize this product: