Profiled Cant

Scanning fully profiled cant for board sizes and faces

Profiling heads are becoming ever more common in todays machine centers which can cause some interesting and costly quality problems if not detected in a timely manner. SiCam uses our MPX laser line profiling scanners to accurately and reliably measure your fully profiled cant to ensure that both chipping heads and profile heads are correctly preparing the piece before it enters the saws. Don't be caught having large runs of pieces with mismatch, step or making T's; SiCam can detect, alarm and report on how your profiling module is performing.


  • High speed, high resolution scanning can monitor todays fastest profiling lines
  • Measure top, bottom and both sides of your profiled piece before it enters your saws
  • Manage on size performance and cut closer too or reduce target size
  • Minimize manufacturing variations
  • Predict repair and maintenance cycle trends


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